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Morning Work



We have made it to March! I hope this new month brings with it a new motivation to keep going with your home learning. Do your best and that is all your parents and myself could ask for. laugh 

As normal don't forget to collect your packs on a Monday morning between 9:30-11:30.


This week we will have the opportunity to listen to David Walliams amazing assembly on Tuesday 2nd March at 10:30.  We will also be celebrating World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. Then hopefully you can join me for our class meet on Friday to have a chat and share our favourite books. I can't wait to see you all again.


I am on our school rota on Tuesday so I will not be able to respond to your Seesaw until late afternoon.




This week in your phonics you will be looking at the 'u' sound.

You will start on Monday with a sound sort.

Your variations this week are  - u / ou / o / oo

Take your time, say the words out loud and mark the words off when you have used them.


Some groups will be working on the ou/ ow sound. You will also start with your sound sort on Monday.


On Tuesday you will need to read the scaffolded text in your pack. Then as you read it a second time look out for u/ou/o/oo. Read the word carefully to check it has the right sound before you highlight/underline it.


If you have the ou/ow sound you will need to follow your pack and sort out the anagrams.


On Wednesday you will continue your phonics by completing your spelling sentences in your book. For an extra bonus see if you can add 'Mrs Frame' into one of your sentences.


On Thursday your task is to complete the word investigation. Use the clue to figure out each the word. A few words are a little harder so a small word list should be in your pack to help you.


On Friday test yourself on your spelling list and send me a picture on Seesaw.


Maybe you could go on Nessy for 15 minutes. 

Well done to Leah for earning the most nuggets last week. smiley

Mental Maths


We are beginning to look at calendar facts this week. Look at the information sheet in your pack and try to learn the months of the year in order. In addition to this, can you start to learn how many days are in each month. If you find this tricky use the rhyme provided to help you. Do you have a favourite month? 


On Tuesday continue to look at your calendar facts. Try to learn the rhyme in your paper pack. Use your new knowledge to look at the March 2021 calendar. Then on Wednesday try to answer a few questions on that calendar.


I don't want you to forget your times tables during this time (repetition is key) so I need you to complete Mondays tables - looking at x2 and x3.

Continue this revision on Tuesday by looking at  - x4, x5 and x10.

Then on Wednesday complete you times table recall sheet for that day.

On Thursday complete the last section of your tables recall.

On Friday test yourself on your times tables knowledge.



We will be having a class meet on Friday 5th March at 2.

Please make sure you have added your name to the list under my invite post on Seesaw in order to be sent the link.


As part of World Book Day celebrations I would like you to think of your favourite book to share with us. Perhaps you could also bring along the puppets you made to share them with our class. I can't wait to see you!