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Monday 1st


Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle Read Aloud | Kids Books | Read Along


Question time

*What is Michael Recycle keen to save?

*Who is the ‘green-caped crusader’?

*Why was Michael call ‘our super-green hero’?


*Complete the 2 worksheets in your pack


Michael Recycle—Badge

*You could make a badge like the one Michael Recycle wears using a bottle lid.

*What else could you make using bottle lids? (Plastic milk, pop bottle lids or metal caps)


Data Collection

*Tallying your trash 


Are you and your family good at recycling? Why don’t you make a block graph to show which material you recycle the most and which you recycle the least.


*Sort your rubbish into piles of recyclable materials: paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and tin.



*Count how many items you have in each pile. Record the amounts in the table in your pack

Block graph

*Show how many items you have for each recyclable material category by making a block graph. You could make a graph using Lego / Duplo or other building blocks.

Question time

*Which recyclable material do you have the most of?

*Which recyclable material do you have the least of?

*How many cardboard items do you have?

*How many recyclable items do you have altogether? 

Tally Marks Song

How to Do Tally Marks


Recycling Sculpture with Junk Art

*Check out Seesaw for more details