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Literacy Lesson 1


This week we will be moving on from The Titanic and focusing on Lighthouses and what life is like living in a lighthouse.

You will either have the Lighthouse comprehension or Grace Darling activity.

Read the passage and use it to help you complete the answers. Remember to use full sentences for you answers and we will be looking for capital letters and full stops.





Everyone has been given the Grace Darling power point for information. Please read this so that children are familiar with the story of Grace Darling.

Literacy Lesson 2


Complete the reading activity linked to your reading book. Remember to use capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and answer in full sentences.

Literacy Lesson 3



We are continuing with our grammar focus on homophones, words which sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.

This week we are thinking about the following three words:



Wear means to have on the body.


Where means in what place or from what place.


Were is used in all other cases.


Complete the sentences on your activity page by choosing the correct word. 

Literacy Lesson 4 and 5 (Take two days to really focus on this task)


Persuasive writing - An unusual home



Think back to your activity trying to convince a mouse to come aboard the Titanic. Remember the checklist of features to included, a title/naming your topic, including your opinion, giving the reader reasons why they should agree with you, using linking words and including a conclusion.


Your task this week is to write an advert trying to sell an unusual home. Try and think what is special and unique about the house you have been given to sell. 


Remember to use as many adjectives as possible to make your writing exciting.


We can't wait to read all of your super work!