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Literacy Lesson 1

Thinking about the story of the Titanic Complete Get the GIST

Who built the ship?

What was special about the Titanic?

When was it built?

Where was it built?

How did it sink?

Use the lines below to write a 20 word summary of the story. Only put one word per line.

Literacy Lesson 2

Complete your reading activity linked to the reading book in your pack. Make sure you use full sentences when answering the questions. Use your book to help you with the answers.

Literacy 3 


Complete each sentence using the correct word.

Their shows belonging

There shows place or can be used to start a sentence.

They're is the contraction for they are.

Literacy Lesson 4

The Titanic

Retell the story by completing a caption for each box and drawing a picture to match.

You can use the word bank provided to help you.

Literacy Lesson 5

Retell the story of the Titanic using the pictures. You can read your captions from yesterday and make the story come to life by using the Titanic characters from your pack. You could maybe make them into puppets if you would like.