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Literacy Lesson 1


Samson's Titanic Journey


Listen to the story.

Change the underlined word in each sentence into a plural and write out the sentence on the line.


Literacy Lesson 2

Reading activity

Read through your whole reading book and make sure you use it to help you complete your reading activity.

Literacy Lesson 3

Homophones - words which sound the same but have a different spelling and meaning.


Are - the verb to be e.g. We are going to the park.

Our - to show belonging e.g. Our dog is brown.

Complete each sentence using either our or are.

Literacy Lesson 4 and 5

Persuasive Writing

Pretend that you are Samson the mouse and you are trying to convince another mouse to come and live on the Titanic.

Watch the video below as it will talk you through each different stage of a piece of persuasive writing.

This activity is to be completed over Thursday and Friday. You might want to spend Thursday thinking of some ideas and then writing out your work on Friday. It's up to you!