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Literacy Lesson 1

Our new topic for the next two weeks will be The Titanic.


Titanic Let's Read

Read the passage about the Titanic and sort the statements into fact and fiction.

Literacy Lesson 2

Singular and Plural Nouns

Nouns are people, places or things.

Watch the video up to see the rules we will be looking at for plurals. 

After you have watched the video - complete the exercises following each instruction page.


Still image for this video

Literacy Lesson 3


Plural Nouns

We are continuing to focus on changing singular nouns into plural nouns.


You can re-watch the video above to remind you of the rules we need to follow when making words plural.

Literacy Lesson 4


Record 5 facts about the Titanic inside the White Star Liner flag. You could record your facts in the star and then colour the rest of the flag red.


You can use the Titanic Let's Read information from Literacy Lesson 1 to help you with your facts or click on the link below to read further facts about the Titanic.

Literacy Lesson 5

Titanic alphabetical order

Sort the word associated with The Titanic into alphabetical order.

You can watch the video below to remind you how to sort words into alphabetical order. You can also use your alphabet line from your pack.

Once you have sorted your words, have a go at The Titanic word search too!

Learn ABC Order or Alphabetical Order For Kids