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1. Listening and Reading Skills

  1. First listen to the entire book once the whole way through. 
  2. Next check on your listening skills sheet and remember which pages you need to listen carefully to answers for the questions.
  3. Play
  4. Pause
  5. Rewind
  6. Play again to check
  7. Then record your answer. 
  8. Repeat for each question until complete.
  9. Tell an adult your favourite fact fact from the book. 

Oh say can you say what the weather is today?

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2. Verbs

3. Comprehension

4. Head, Hand and Heart Questioning Skills

Lily and the Snowman

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Let's watch the video together and answer some questions. Then we'll generate some head, hand and heart questions.
Hand - You can point to the answer.
Head - The answer is hinted at or a clue given.
Heart - Feelings and Opinions

5. Instructional Writing