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Literacy Lesson 1

Rewatch the Great Fire of London story.

Think about what it would have been like to be Samuel Pepys who was there during the fire. Record 5 questions that you would like to ask him.

Literacy Lesson 2

The Great Fire of London

Read the sentences and fill in the missing words to complete each sentence. Make sure you read over it at the end to make sure that it makes sense.

Literacy Lesson 3


Watch the video explaining the difference between each word. Cut ans stick the correct word to build each sentence.

Commonly Confused Words - To, Too, Two

Learn how to tell the difference between the commonly confused words to, too, and too in this video.

Literacy Lesson 4

The Snow Lambs

Listen to the story and complete the attached activity for your group.

Literacy Lesson 5

The Snow Lambs

Use the story to find different verbs and record them in the correct circle on the activity page.

Remember verbs are doing words or action words.