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Our sound of the week is ow/ou. Watch the video to make sure you are saying the sound correctly.


The Sound of Ou/Ow

Literacy Lesson 1

We are learning all about The Great Fire of London. Play the game and listen to the story as you work through each section.

Try to remember as much as you can to allow you to match the sentences together.

Literacy Lesson 2


Watch the video explaining the difference between each word. Try completing the sentences using the correct word.

Commonly Confused Words - To, Too, Two

Learn how to tell the difference between the commonly confused words to, too, and too in this video.

Literacy Lesson 3

Verb pairs

Watch the two Nessy videos which explain how a verb is changed into past tense and what happens with irregular verbs.

Have a go at matching the verb pairs on your activity sheet by colouring each pair in the same colour.

Nessy Adding ed to verbs

Still image for this video

Nessy Writing Strategy | Irregular Verbs | Learn to Write

You can't add 'ed' to all words to make them past tense - this rule doesn't work for irregular verbs! Learn how irregular verbs can change, like when 'bring'...

Literacy Lesson 4

The Great Fire of London

Watch the video "History with Grandad" and complete the cloze procedure using the words at the bottom of the page.

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Samuel Pepys - Great Fire of London