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Literacy lesson 1


Conjunctions are words that join words or groups of words together to make a sentence longer.

Click the link below, it will start with a lesson and then you can have a go at the game!

Literacy lesson 2

Have a look at the conjunctions on the list below and try to make up some of your own sentences. I would love to see these written out, you could even draw pictures to match your sentences!

Literacy lesson 3

Complete each sentence by using the correct conjunction and then draw an illustration to match each sentence.

Literacy lesson 4

Listen to the story "A Brave Knight" and answer the following questions.

1. What did Eric do on each day of his adventure?

2. How did Eric show that he was brave?

3. How could you show that you are brave?

A Brave Knight

A story about how a knight was brave on his adventures.

Literacy lesson 5


Our phonics sound this week is ch and tch. Have a look at the word sort and see it right pages below and see if you can complete them!