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Here are suggested activities linked to your weekly overview for Week 11 (15.06.20). This week, we’d like you to try your hand at some story writing and revise your plural spelling rules. There are a few links to help you along your way and suggested worksheets. Please make sure you choose the correct activity. You do not need to do all the worksheets for all the groups...just your reading group and just what you feel you can do. Also keep checking Studyladder for PODS linked to your weekly work for more practice.


 If you need any help or further explanations...please email your teacher. We are only too happy to help. Also keep sending us your wonderful work! laugh

Literacy Lesson 1 & 2  – Narrative Story Writing

The Journey into the Tomb


You have been very busy learning all about life in Ancient Egypt and learning about pyramids, pharaohs, mummies and hieroglyphics. We’d like you to use all this knowledge to help you write a narrative story about a journey into a tomb. Narrative writing is writing a story and using as many adjectives, exciting verbs and adverbs as you can to spice up your sentences. We’d like you to use the following video as a ‘stimulus’ to help you write and structure your story if you wish. We will also provide you with a story starter which you can then follow on from. Have a watch at the following video of Tadeo Jones entering the tomb by clicking on the picture which will take you to the video.


After you watch the video, have a look at the PPT which will help you in beginning to write your story. You can spend the next few days planning and writing your story. We’d love to read them, so don’t forget to send them to your teacher. You might actually like to record yourself reading your story. We hope you have fun doing this activity and being a little bit creative in your Literacy work this week!

Literacy Lesson 3 – Revision of Plural Spelling Rules


Another focus for this week is to revise your plural spelling rules. We looked at plurals at the very start of P5 and you’ll need them for P6, so it will be of great benefit to you to spend some time revising over them. Look at the following PPTs to help you revise over the different plural spelling rules and play some of the games using the links. There is also a plurals POD on Studyladder.



http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/plural/index_pre.html http://www.manythings.org/wbg/irr_plurals1-mw.html