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Literacy Lesson 1


Watch the video of the story "Hey, Little Ant!"

Debate - should the ant be squished or saved? Circle which option you think and share 3 reasons why you have decided this is your opinion.

Hey, Little Ant

Written by Phillip and Hannah Hoose Illustrations by Debbie Tilly Read by Mrs. Britton

Literacy Lesson 2


Comprehension "Hey, Little Ant!"

Answer the questions about the story. Please remember to answer the questions using full sentences, capital letters and full stops.


Literacy Lesson 3


Verbs - "Hey, Little Ant!"

Verbs are doing or action words. We have spent lots of time in P3 finding verbs in our reading books so hopefully you will all remember what a verb is!

Challenge: Find 6 verbs from the story and record them in the boxes around the little boy. Then use your verbs to write some of your own sentences! I can't wait to read your fabulous work!

Literacy Lesson 4

Nouns - "Hey, Little Ant!"

Nouns are a person, place or thing. Again we have completed lots of work on nouns in P3, so hopefully this will remind you all of what a noun is!

Find as many nouns as you can from the story and record them in the tree. Once you have recorded your nouns you could colour in the picture. Again, I can't wait to see which nouns you choose to record!