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Here are three suggested activities linked to your weekly overview for Week 3 (20.04.20) . There is a PPT linked to each lesson which will hopefully help to explain what the lesson is and a game to play. Then you have a worksheet to complete linked to your Literacy reading group. Please make sure you choose the correct activity. You do not need to do all the worksheets for all the groups...just your reading group. If you need any help or further explanations...please email your teacher. We are only too happy to help. laugh


There are also some Kahoots you can play up until Friday 24th April at 12 noon. They are quite American, however they should help practise your work on apostrophes. The codes for these are 07895880, 0915636, 06365922 and 07359161. Remember to only play the Kahoot once and use your real name. Enjoy cheeky

Punctuation: Using apostrophes to show singular & plural possession (KS2)

Apostrophe for possession extension

Don't forget to do some reading as well and follow the different roles/strategies of reciprocal reading if you can while you read. You can choose books from your house or try to find some books online too.