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Literacy Lesson 1

Watch the video of the story "Aaaarrgghh Spider"

Activity - Would a spider make a good pet? Present three reasons for yes and three reasons for no.


Aaaarrgghh, Spider! by Lydia Monks

Literacy Lesson 2

"Aaaarrgghh Spider!"

Listen to the story again and listen carefully for all of the actions the spider did to try and get the attention of the family.

Complete each sentence for "Look at me..." and draw a picture beside each completed sentence to show what the spider was doing.


Literacy Lesson 3

"Aaaarrgghh Spider!" 

Answer the questions about the story and share your own ideas, you should know what happens really well by now! Remember to use full sentences, capital letters and full stops in your answers.


Literacy Lesson 4

Spider fact cards

Read the facts and choose your favourite 4 to record on your spider facts page or in your work book... or you could draw your own spider and record the facts there instead!