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Literacy Lesson 1

Watch The Dragon Slayer video below


Discussion linked to the video:

Discuss reasons, should the Dragon Slayer have slayed the dragon or not?

What do you think about the ending?

Would you change anything about the story?

The Dragon Slayer

A story about a dragon slayer.

Literacy Lesson 2

Use the picture of the knight to think of some adjectives (describing words) to describe what a knight might be like.

Use your adjectives to write some sentences about your knight.

Literacy lesson 3


Begin planning your own Castle and Knight story.

Today think about the first three sections of your story.

Section 1 - who (characters) what type of characters will you have in your story, what will they be called, describe what they are like, tell the reader about your characters.

Section 2 - where (setting) where will your story take place - in a castle, in a forest, on a battle field - it's up to you!

Section 3 - how is your story going to start?

Literacy lesson 4


Continue with your story planning today.

Section 4 - What will happen in the middle of your story?

Section 5 - What happens? (Make it as exciting as possible, lots of action taking place!)

Section 6 - The ending!

Literacy lesson 5

Now that you have planned your story it is time to put all the sections together and write out your story properly. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


Please send through any finished stories - I would really love to read them :) 




oa, oe, o-e, ow


Use the attached word list to create your own see it right and word sort for the above sound.

You could also use the words to write out your own sentences! Good Luck!

High Frequency Words


In your initial pack there is a copy of the first 100 high frequency words - work through these at your own pace, try your best to read all 100 and then spell all 100!