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Last week we focused mainly on our first minibeast which was the worm. This week we have a book about lots of different minibeasts and we will make the ladybird our focus for this week. Enjoy learning lots of new facts about ladybirds! My favourite fact about ladybirds is that they smell with their feet!!

Literacy Lesson 1

Read "The Bugliest Bug" and try your best to answer the following questions as you are reading.

1. What type of creatures are included? Slide 4

2. Why does the damselfly not take part? Slide 5

3. What do we know about the judges so far? Slide 8

4. What words tell us that the judges aren't quite what they seem? Slide 10

5. What do you think will happen next in the competition? Slide 11

6. What does the picture tell you about how the minibeasts are feeling? Slide 14

Literacy Lesson 2

Use adjectives to describe the ladybird, remember to try and make them as interesting as possible!

Write 5 adjectives to describe the ladybird in the picture and then use the adjectives in 3 sentences.

I can't wait to read some of your fabulous sentences!

Literacy Lesson 3

Watch the video about ladybird facts. Then choose your 4 favourite facts and record them. The picture below gives you a creative way to record your facts, why don't you give it a go... or you could draw your own ladybird and record your facts inside.

What's not to love about LADYBUGS

Literacy Lesson 4

Alphabetical order

Put the words inside the ladybird into alphabetical order... remember that means in the order the letters appear in the alphabet. If you are not sure of what some of the words mean, you can look up the meanings too and record these as well.

Literacy lesson 5

Phonics - High frequency word focus - choose 8 of your high frequency words.

1. Rainbow write them.

2. Try and make them out of items in your garden.

3. Find them in a reading book.

4. Write them on card/paper and make your own snap game.