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Our new topic is Minibeasts so we will spend the next number of weeks learning about some of the many different minibeasts that exist. The first two minibeasts that we are starting with are the worm and the millipede, I hope you enjoy learning lots of new facts about these long minibeasts during the week!

Literacy lesson 1

The World of Worms Comprehension

Read through the passage and answer the questions that follow, remember to use a full sentence in your answer. Choose which level of comprehension you think is right for you.

Literacy lesson 2 and 3

Watch both of the videos and then decide if you would like to write a fact file on either a worm or a millipede. There are fact file templates included to give you an idea or you could create your own. I would love to see any completed fact files.

In your fact file try and include at least 5 facts and draw and label a picture.

This lesson may take you some time, so you can spend a few days on creating your fact file.

Worms Are Wonderful

Ever wonder what those little earthworms are up to? Learn why worms are wonderful with Jessi and Squeaks!

Minibeast Adventure With Jess - Holding a Millipede 🐛 and Worm Hunting

Join Jess for a mini beast adventure as we get up close & personal to a millipede!

Literacy lesson 4

Watch and listen to the poem "The worm that wouldn't wiggle."

You could try and write your own poem about a worm, you may want to try another acrostic poem!

For example:

Worms usually like to wiggle

Over the grass and into the soil

Really old leaves they like to eat

Movement in the soil means danger is near!

Funny children's poetry: "The worm that wouldn't wiggle" -

Literacy lesson 5


Our phonics sound this week is v and ve. Have a go at writing some words with these sounds on your whiteboard, complete the word sort and have a go at Four in a Row!

Don't forget to continue revising over your high frequency words this week!