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For your child’s weekly reading activities the following website is outstanding - www.oxfordowl.co.uk. Click on ‘Oxford Owl for Home.’ You should then register as a parent for free. Once you have done this we recommend clicking on ‘Check your Read with Oxford Stage’ with your child and allow them to complete the assessment that follows. This will help you to find books suitable for your child’s reading level. Following this go to the ‘Free e- book library’ where you will find a vast option of reading books, some of which have associated activities. Ensure your child reads at least one of these books per week. It is important that children read at the appropriate level to enhance understanding and confidence with reading. Feel free to explore the wide variety of learning activities on this website as we feel they are useful for other areas of the curriculum, in particular Mathematics.


Focus- Be able to interpret 'hidden' meanings

1. First look at the 'What is propaganda?' powerpoint.

2. Look at the examples of propaganda posters listed below. When you look at the posters ask yourself why you think the posters were created? What are they asking people to do?

3. Complete the propaganda detective activity.



If you are finished the above activities you may wish to complete the extension activity listed below.


P3 Alternative Comprehension Task

Log into Oxford Owl - read ‘What was it like?’

The children are in a play about World War Two. They find it hard to be serious. Then the magic key takes them back in time.


Now answer the questions 

Pg 1. What was the play about?

Pg 10. How do you think the little boy felt after he got lost?

Pg 12. What two words are used to describe what happened  when the bombs landed? r__________ and s____________

Pg 13. Wilf said the air raid was v______ f___________.

Pg 16 & 17 The children were feeling upset and unhappy about being sent away. What two words would you use to describe how you would feel about being sent away?

Pg 22. Why did Biff not like wearing the gas mask?

Pg 23. Why were the children sent away to live in the  country?

Pg 30. What did Gran say she never saw?


Extension - As you read (or listen) to the story find the adjectives (describing words) in the story. 


Focus- Revise adjectives and adverbs

1. Watch the videos below to remind you of what adjectives and adverbs are.

2. Complete the adjective sheets below. There are 3 worksheets in total (please do what you can).

3. Complete the adverb activities below.


Focus- Improving descriptive writing with adverbs and adjectives.


1. Take a look at some of the Blitz websites and clips below. This will tell you a little bit of background to the Blitz. You will find this helpful when it comes to your writing activity.


2.Open the Blitz creative writing task below. Can you pop in adjectives, adverbs and continue the sentence to improve the descriptive writing? Can you extend the piece or writing or even write your own version of descriptive writing? You may wish to use the 'senses spidergram frame' to help you plan what you might write. Try to use a maximum of 40 words! You'll need to choose your words carefully. Each word would need to add impact. 


Extension activity (optional)

If you finish the above activity, you could complete the cloze passage listed below.


*Please note the Blitz Youtube video clip finishes at 2.45mins

The Blitz (1940-41)