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Literacy Lesson 1


Read each sentence in the power point and figure out the missing conjunction from each sentence. Then have a go at the interactive conjunction game.

Literacy lesson 2

Fairy Tale connectives

Each sentence is from a well known Fairy Tale. Use the connectives/conjunctions to complete each sentences and then try and complete each sentence with your own ending.

Literacy lesson 3

Extending sentences connectives

Using the framework given, use this to help you build you own sentences.

e.g. If I could fly I would go up to the clouds because they look as soft as marshmallows!

Literacy lesson 4

Watch and listen to "The Story Book Knight"

Answer the questions after watching the clip.

1. What do you notice about the words in this story?

2. What creatures did Leo meet on his adventure?

3. How did Leo solve his problem and not have to fight?

4. Can you find some conjunctions in the story? Make a list of the ones you find.

The Story Book Knight, by Helen Docherty (Author), Thomas Docherty (Illustrator)

Even dragons love a good story... Leo was a gentle knight in thought and word and deed. While other knights liked fighting, Leo liked to read.

Literacy lesson 5


Our phonics sound this week is d, dd and ed. Have a go at writing some words with these sounds on your whiteboard, complete the wordsort, bingo and word ladder challenge!

High Frequency Words

Use these dice templates over the next few weeks to remind you of your high frequency words. You can print and make the templates into HFW Dice. You can roll the dice and read the word, roll the dice and spell the word and roll the dice and use the word in a sentence.

Have fun!