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Here are suggested activities linked to your weekly overview for Week 5 (01.05.20) . There is a PPT  linked to each lesson which will hopefully help to explain what the lesson is and a few games to play. Then you have a worksheet to complete linked to your Literacy reading group. Please make sure you choose the correct activity. You do not need to do all the worksheets for all the groups...just your reading group. If you need any help or further explanations...please email your teacher. We are only too happy to help. Also keep sending us your wonderful work! laugh

Literacy Lesson 1- Using did/done, saw/seen etc.

Your first lesson this week is one which a lot of people get wrong. It is knowing when to use did or done in a sentence as the verb. Done and seen are known as past participles and they need a helping word when you use them in a sentence. Have a look at the Powerpoints below and play the games before giving the worksheets a go. There are also two Kahoots you can play to practise this skill this week. The codes to play these are 01622552 and 0556234.  laugh

How do you know which one to use? Have a look at the following PPTs to help you learn this skill.

Do you think you have mastered using did/done, saw/seen? Have a go at playing the following games to practise before trying your worksheet. 



Literacy Lesson 2 & 3 – Procedural Writing


We would like you to have a think about procedural writing this week at home.  Procedural Writing is to do with writing instructions. We know you have been VERY busy at home not only doing your school work, but also doing lots of other fun things.

Some of you have been:

  • Baking
  • Making smoothies
  • Building things
  • Gardening and planting seeds
  • Playing games and lots more.


Think about something you have done at home over the last few weeks and think about writing the instructions to explain to someone else how to do this activity.


Have a look through the PPT to explain this a little more and have a go at writing your own instructions. You can use the templates to draft your writing and don't forget to look at your checklist and proof read your own work. Remember in school, we usually do a first draft which we allow someone to read and suggest improvements.


Your final piece could be written and illustrated, typed up on a computer or maybe you could use Pic Collage to write/display your instructions.


Don’t forget to email your teacher...we’d love to see your writing and remember to be creative! laugh

How to write instructions?

Example using Pic Collage

Example using Pic Collage 1