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Important Information


  • Each day we will upload a short video to Seesaw outlining the work for that day.  


  • Included in your pack is a sheet for Seesaw Class.  This is for your child to be able to log into Seesaw.  Please take a short time to show this to your child and allow them to scan the QR code or type in the letters to access their Seesaw account.


  • Most work will be in packs like before but some might be sent via Seesaw Class.  


  • Don't panic if you have any issues with Seesaw Class just send your class teacher an email.


  • Answers on occasions will be provided for activities but please try to take a picture of  worksheets so we can see how your child is getting on.


  • We will be working on new topics but don't panic as we hope to record short videos to help you with your understanding of the topics.  Most of these again will be sent to Seesaw or the P6 page on the website.


  •   Remember if you have any questions or concerns please ensure you email us.                                                    Mr Pinkerton     kpinkerton033@c2kni.net                                                                                  Mr Richardson   mrichardson100@c2kni.net