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Week beginning 27th April



We would have been looking at the story of The Hungry Caterpillar this week so here are some ideas for you to try at home!

  Read or watch the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

YouTube video - https://youtu.be/75NQK-Sm1YY



  Create the hungry caterpillar with any material you like!

Some examples might be:


Scrap material



Potato/fruit printing

 Did you know that there are lots and lots and lots of different types of caterpillar? Have a look at some of them here.

Can you pick your favourite one and draw or paint it? Look carefully at the colours! Has it got spikes? Is it hairy? Tell a grown up why it is your favourite.

 Can you use Lego to create some of the food the caterpillar ate?

Here are some ideas to help you.

Watch the video on the life cycle of a butterfly.

YouTube video - https://youtu.be/3o_nE1X014U

If you have access to a printer then have a go at completing this cut and stick activity, otherwise perhaps you could draw out your own.

 Play this Hungry Caterpillar dice game.

If you can't find a dice, use this link to roll a dice online! 


 Can you learn these poems and perform them for your family?



First comes a butterfly who lays a tiny egg,

(Curl up small like the egg)

Out comes a caterpillar with many, many legs.

(Wriggle along the ground)

Oh see the caterpillar spin and spin,

(Spin around with arms above head)

A little chrysalis to sleep in.

(Make your hands a pillow and close eyes)

Then out of the chrysalis, my oh my,

Out comes a beautiful butterfly!

(Spread arms and fly like a butterfly)





Caterpillar Garden

Over in the garden, underneath a tree

I saw some fuzzy caterpillars,

One, two, three.

Over in the garden, underneath the moon,

Each caterpillar spun herself

A wonderful cocoon.

Over in the garden, right before my eyes

Those caterpillars all turned in to lovely butterflies!


By Helen Moore


 If you have access to a printer, here are a few worksheets you could try!